Monday, July 24, 2017

August Classes- Vampire and Bat

Vampire and Bat Class
August 14th, 15th( am & pm class), 16th
You can do either project on any class day.  You can even do both if you would like. Kits are also available.
I will not be at any craft shows this year, (not even Swiss Days) so this is where you can find my work. Hope to see you at class. 

He stands about 20" tall with a soft body.  Chenille vest with chain and a coffin key.  He's trying to win over a lover with his "Love Potion #9" and a red rose. Hand sewn eyes and real teeth.  A coffin sits on his base. I just think he's hilarious.
Cost: $43.00

August Dates

Same class dates, you can choose either project on any day.
Im trying a morning class to see how that will go. You can even do both project if you'd like.  Kits are available to take home or ship.
up cycled bat stands on a wood base 19" tall, with a soft body and funnel. Leather head with soda can ears, zipper mouth and sprocket eye. This is truly on of my favorites and so unique.

Cost: $42.00

August Dates