Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty.  

Lindon Class:  May 13th @ 5:00 pm, Tues 14th- 10am & 5pm

Hooper Class  May 21st @5:00 pm

   Im bringing Uncle Sam back for this month with a new Lady Liberty to match.  This class will be for the patriotic season from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.  You can choose either one or make them both.  They both stand at 18 inches with Sam's hat making him taller.  Details for Sam:  Soda can hat with explosion of tassels, tags and feather.  Laser cut lettering, bird and key.  Vintage tickets, flag and flowers fill his pants.  Stars hang from chain around his neck, hanging key and tag. originally made eyes really make him stand out. 
Lady Liberty details:   She holds vintage bingo card for July and flowers. Her torch hangs with tag, feather and star. Lots of patriotic colors and trims. I love her crown with metal and music papers.  She is a great partner for Sammy.  Super easy to make.
Besides the classes these are available for purchase "Made up" and "Kits with video tutorial" select under each specific one which choice you'd like. If you would like it made for you and also need it shipped please message me.  Those prices vary for shipping.
**Also if you are interested in a class being held somewhere south of me and have people who would like to attend, please message me.  St. George area too.

Lady Liberty $48     

Options Lady Liberty

Uncle Sam $48  

Options Uncle Sam