Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Boingo (like Oingo)

 Boingo..(like Oingo)

Cute little Boingo stands on his own wired frame about 21 inch tall.  Big cream fur make his body really stand out. Wool wrapped wire legs, arms and ears. Little leather shoes, hand sculpted face with handmade clay eyes. Don't forget the TEETH. yep teeth. (Not real, but from a dental supply company.) He simply is holding a flower with the tiny tag of Spring.
He is available in a kit and also finished for you. I will have a video tutorial for you to walk you through the assembly. this will be on the side toolbar, under video tutorials. Please Venmo @dana-engemann (Im wearing a flower headband in pic. OR see QR code at the end of pictures. please state your order and if you need it shipped. I will contact you once they're done with a shipping price. Thank you so much. I hope you love him.

KIT $48
MADE $68