Monday, May 3, 2021

Ms Sparkle and Sammy 2021

 Finally back with some new designs for summer.  Im excited to be back and I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head.  I will also be making up some kit projects we made last year to have in stock on my website, so watch for those.  Thanks for being so patient the last few months. 

Ms. Sparkle $48 Kit /$68 Made


This adorable patriotic lady stands 18 inches tall with a wood base and dowel legs and stuffed body.  She is simple with a hint of vintage feel. I love the fabrics on her. Handmade firecrackers in one arm and a little flag in the other.  Spun fiber hair, mini buttons and Sparkle sash. I love her cute eyes and button nose.  Easy to make. Sold single or in a pair.  I will be teaching a class in Hooper June 1, 5:00 pm at Wendy Steenecks house. see sign up options. I will film video tutorial for anyone purchasing a kit to follow along with and assemble. I will also make them for you, see options. Shipping is available if needed. Contact me if purchasing both and shipping will be combined.

Sammy  $48 Kit/$68 Made

There is so much to love about him.  He stands 21 inches tall to the top of his hat. Wood base and dowel legs with stuffed body. Wool like pants and coat with crazy red fur!  Handmade firecrackers and a mini flag are in his hands. Canvas top hat with explosions.  Mini buttons, fiber hair, adorable eyes and button nose.  Easy to make.