DIY Kits

Freedom  Kit $68

Queen of Hearts/card set $75 kit 

Chimney Santa  $49 kit

Love Bandit $40 kit

Postman $48 kit

Wisemen $75 kit

Holy Family $40 kit-sold out

Klaus kit $85

Grinch and Cindy kit $85

Igor kit$65

Batilda Witch $85 (Sold out)

Stella Girl   $55 


Grim $48

Mike the Mummy (SOLD OUT)

Candy Corn

Blythe Pumpkin Girl

Dudley Christmas Elf  $90 kit/ $120 made 

          Sammy and Ms. Sparkle (Each sold separately ) 

                                      $48 each/ $68 made

Joy Angel   $38 kit/ $58 made

Old Hag Witch kit $50 each (Sold Out)
Choose options below

Santa and Mrs Santa:

Scarecrow Only:   $40 

Vampire and Vixen $48 Each. (SOLD OUT)

Boo Ghost

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty $48 Each individual (LIMITED SELECTION)

Lucky (boy only) Leprechaun Kit $45: (3 available). SOLD OUT

Frankenstein Kit $50 (5 available): SOLD OUT

Mr Ghost Kit $32 (6 available):  please email to order

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