DIY Kits

I don't always have kits available, but if I do here they are:

Betty Bunny Kits $50. (3 available)

Bernard Bunny Kits $50  (6 available)

Lucky (boy) Leprechaun Kit $45: (3 available)

Frankenstein Kit $50 (5 available): please email to order

Mr Ghost Kit $32 (6 available):  please email to order

Valentines Hearts:
Instructions for making Valentines Hearts:   Here are the shapes for the 3 hearts.  You can make larger or small as your preference, Each heart is stuffed and glue shut the opening on the side,  Slide the heart onto dowel.  Each dowel will drill into a wood base.  I use a cut 2x4 of wood.  Cut to desired height.  I cut mine 8 inches, 5 inches, 4 inches.  drill hole in the top center of each piece. Mod podge base with assorted valentine or red and white papers. This is where you can use your own creativity.
Glue heart onto dowel.  Glue trims or fur around the outside of the heart along the seam.  This will cover any mess.  Accessorize with buttons, locks or key.  Tie fiber trims or yarns to adorn.  Finish with fabric tags that say Love or sentiments.   Enjoy!

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  1. Dana,

    I have tried several times to email you for a Mrs. Frank kit. It says the email is incorrect. I will come and pick up the kit. Please call 919-434-8214 Colleen