Monday, February 28, 2022

Peter & Piper

 Spring is here: Peter & Piper

Peter and Piper each sit 22 inches tall with a weighted base. Wire bent ears stick up tall and can be bent however you like.  Glass eyes, blushed nose, wooden buttons add so much detail.  They each have a tag with their name. Fun fibers hang from collar. The clothes have a great color trend mixed with a spring flare. Leather bag of seed, gold shiney egg and "Spring Vibe" paper flag finalize the look. My favorite thing is this funny face.  It's truly unique. Don't miss this set. If you want only one that is fine too.  The shiney egg belongs to Piper the girl.  This is a larger set. Kits with video are offered and also made up options. Please make a note on Venmo which option you'd like in the comments. Shipping is additional.
Kits for the set: $100 ($50 each)
Finished  set: $160 ($80 each)

Pay with Venmo: see scan below