Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Easter

Hi everyone,
Thanks for checking out my newest class for April 11 & 12.  This crazy rabbit sits in a nest on a spindle with his little chick friends. 24inches tall.  He has a bunch of adorable ribbons and fabrics around his neck along with a glass charm and metal calendar hanging from chains. Oh! and can you see his braces? Repurposing is my favorite thing to do.. so i added spoons for ears and sprockets for buttons. So easy and fun to make.  Hope you can join me.  We always have fun and meet new friends along the way.  I'm also giving away a free leather chick in each class for those who attend. Yummy snacks provided
Date: April 11 & 12
Cost $50.00 (He's so worth it!!)
Time 6:00 pm until you finish
Location: my house,  733 N. 400 E.  Lindon
Check paypal button for sign up dates.  Kits are available for purchase also.

Easter Bunny

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