Monday, November 16, 2020

JOY Angel

Joy Angel

We all need a little joy right now and she is perfect.  She stands 15 inch tall with whispy, fabric and feather wings.  Stuffed body on a wood base with paper sign. Around her jeweled waist is a sequin bag and heart.  Her necklace is a red bell and glass vile full of Cheer.  Fun burgundy hair.  Super easy to make and goes with any decor. There will be a video tutorial to walk you through the assembly. Don't miss her.  No classes this month. But you have the options below: kits for shipping or pick up. I will also make her for you for extra $, then you can pick up or I can ship.  deadline for ordering is Friday Nov 20th.  

$38 Kit
$58 made for you.

1 comment:

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