Saturday, July 31, 2021

August is time for Fall 2021

 Hello Everyone,

Im back again with a few new Art Dolls for Fall.  It feels good to create some new kits and host a class or two. I hope it hasn't been so long that you still would like to come out and create with me. I already have my Art Dolls ready for Halloween and almost finished with Thanksgiving and Christmas, so stay tuned. 

I also have a couple Dolls that will just be sold already finished.            

I have other kits available on the "My Store" tab from the past with the video tutorial to walk you through.

I will be hosting classes at :

My home on Aug 16th Monday (Lindon)

Wendy's Home in West Haven Aug 17th Tuesday.

Each sign up button will have the options of either class, a kit option or a made up for you option. I will also offer a shipping option.


This little guy is dressed like a Candy Corn and will be fun to put out for all of the season. 
He sits 14in tall. From tip to toe he is 23 inches.  He is adorned in a felt jacket and romper, with a lace front,  pinwheel buttons, hanging tag and fun neck trims.  The bucket hat also has a pinwheel with jewel and a shiny twig. Handmade stuffed candy corn on a stick. Best of all is his painted face. I know this may seem hard but its not. I will walk you through each step. It will be easier than you think. The detail with the stitched nose all adds together to create this amazingly striking Art Doll. You will love him.
Kit $ 50
Made for you $70

Choice options

"Blythe" the Pumpkin Girl

I really love this little lady.  She turned out so cool and I just love it when that happens.
She stands 23 inches tall on a wood spindle.  She holds a cluster of:fabric pumpkin, fall flowers and greenery, with circle "Fall"pick.  Wood button and cute puffy sleeves.  But my favorite touch is the name tag. I wanted her name to be Blythe. That just seems like the coolest name. I have friend named Blythe and she is cool. I may even create a "name tag Art Doll series." (what do you think?)
Her eyes are painted and nose is stitched. A real wood stick for the stem. She is definitely staying up all season.  
Kit $45
Made for you $65

Choice options

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