Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Holy Family

 Holy Family

This collection family stands 17 to the tall star. A simple and natural set to add to your existing wisemen from last year. I have made them to go together, but they can stand alone also.  I will offer the wisemen for those who didn't get it last year.  I will be adding on to this nativity as the years go by. Next year maybe angel or animals, shepherd who knows?? Video tutorial will be available for you to assemble. These are all easy and fun to get together and make with friends

Order: Message me or you can just pay and make a note as to what you would like. Include phone.

Time:  should be ready end of Nov.  Thank you for being patient on time. This treasure takes some work.

Payment:  Venmo please, or cash at pick up,CC ok.  (@Dana-Engemann. Im wearing flower headband)

Ship:  shipping is available is desired.

Holy Family Kit $40

Holy Family Finished $65

Wisemen (3) Kit $70

Wisemen finished $95

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